computer disposal

Every day, new innovations are introduced to the world. This means that our electronic devices become outdated and obsolete at a very high rate. As people move on to the advanced devices, they need to dispose off the older devices. However, most people do not know how they should dispose off electronic devices including IT equipment in a way that is environmentally friendly.

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Types of IT Equipment

There are different things that can be considered part of the information technology infrastructure. The computers and their components, phones including landlines and mobile phones, printers and copiers, internet service infrastructure such as routers and modems, servers and network HUBs and any other equipment that is used with the aforementioned equipment. The computer components include monitors, the CPUs, keyboards, mouse, and drives which come in different shapes and sizes.

Reasons for proper computer disposal and IT Equipment

Most of these equipment have plastic and metallic parts that when improperly disposed clog the soil. This is a great contributor to soil pollution which subsequently leads to low fertility and therefore low food production. This contributes to food insecurity all over the world which if not checked may lead to loss of life.

In some parts, these equipment end up being burnt alongside other waste products. This contributes highly to global warming through the release of high levels of levels of carbon (IV) Oxide as well as carbon (II) Oxide.

All IT equipment has a number of chemicals, some of which are poisonous. If the equipment is not properly disposed, the chemicals end up in soil and water. Plants that grow on soil where such chemicals are common ultimately absorb them and pass them on to animals and people who consume them. This can lead to health complications some of which can be fatal.

In addition to all these, improper disposal of electronic devices can lead to high piles around different cities if they are not handled well. This leads to the rise of eye sores that can negatively impact the economic activities in the region as they may repel tourists, investors and professionals. But what options do you have?

Company take back policies

In the past few years, companies that manufacture different IT equipment have introduced take back policies where the owner of a device can return it to the company and get the most recent version of the same device after topping up the difference in the prices of the two devices. This way the company avoids improper disposal of devices.


In every city, there are a number of companies that recycle different electronic devices. These companies collect different electronic products, dismantle them and process different elements accordingly. Parts that can be reused to make or repair products are reused. Those that cannot are then recycled to form new products. Recycling is done under the right conditions and environment which ensures that they do not affect the health of those involved and they also minimise the effect on the environment.

Although recycling IT equipment and other electronic devices may not have properly taken shape in different parts of the world, you are responsible for your own environment and you should therefore use your time and energy to find the most viable ways of disposing any equipment that you may no longer need.