Environment Technology

Environment Technology

Wish to Know About Renewable Energy Solar Wind Technology? Look for Enerlix!

Posted by admin on May 29, 2012 in Clean Energy with No Comments

If you’re concerned about your mother earth and the atmosphere in which you are living then it is the right time to act. It is necessary to act if we are well-determined to give a clean and idyllic planet to out future generation. It is only possible with the joint efforts of all the human beings existing on this earth.

A study estimates that mankind will face an excessive shortage of energy resources in the upcoming period of time. It is basically because the present sources of energy are limited (non-renewable) and will unable to meet the requirements of the population pressure of the future.

The limited sources of energy normally include the supply of natural gas, coal, petroleum, etc. to meet the needs of industries, various sectors and the common man. It will now take millions of years to attain the same stage where one can avail the same quantity of renewable sources which people were using to meet all kinds of needs some decades ago. In addition to this, an excessive use of the burning fuel is also promoting the threat of Global Warming in the entire planet.  

What can be a sensible solution to the problem when in the upcoming decades we will lose all the major but limited sources of energy after doing immense amount of damage to the atmosphere in which we and all the other species survive?

We can get a better answer to this question with the help of renewable sources of energy. It is a matter of debate since past whether the non-conventional sources of energy are proficient enough to meet the ever increasing demand of energy throughout the world.

It is a fact that most of the people including a great margin of researchers and scholars not only believe but guarantee that non conventional sources including wind, solar, tidal and geothermal energy can be more competent to the rising needs of the mankind in contrast to the traditional conventional sources of  energy. One better source of renewable energy is solar wind.

Like all the other renewable sources the best part of going for the renewable energy solar wind is that you can avail one more means by which it is possible to generate good amount of energy without polluting the atmosphere of earth. Like other renewable sources of energy you can avail all kinds of information about renewable energy solar wind with the help of internet. There are some of the good sites available on the internet which can provide necessary services on Renewable Energy solar wind for free! One such site is Enerlix, formerly known as Energyportal24.

Enerlix can be advantageous to you in many ways. It is counted among the superb market places for the environmental technologies. Enerlix is a site which is highly supportive to the user. With the help of navigation bar available on the site one can get in touch with all kinds of information including news, press releases, and events on all the topics including renewable energy solar wind technology. You can gain good information as well as submit your own opinion in the form of content for free. You can avail free online tools, articles, and publishing events after registering with Enerlix.  

Vikram Kumar

When are republicans going to start supporting renewable energy?

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Republicans are the biggest opponents of Renewable Energy legislation in Washington right now. Why?


We do support renewable energy. The sources of renewable energy are just not reliable and we do not have enough of any of them right now. What most republicans want is for there to be a comprehensive energy package with nothing off the table. That means drilling, solar, nuclear, wind and whatever other sources can be invented or created. We are not slaves to the environmentalists who want only so-called Clean Energy. Democrats seem to be in the environmentalists pockets and are not willing to discuss anything except what the environmentalists will accept.


Posted by admin on May 28, 2012 in Global Warming with 12 Comments

I am doing a research project on the legitamacy of the concept of Global Warming. Do you think Global Warming is affecting us this seriuosly or do you think it is a ploy or hoax by the government and the scientist researchers to get money for projects? Please include evidence supporting your answer!!!

Global warming is but a component, in a group of destructive forces at work such as ;deforestation,desertification,soil and water contamination ,irresponsible or wasteful utilization of bio resources , air pollution,Non sustainable Agriculture,over pumping carbon aquifers

all concepts which are definitely not part of the Natural Processes of the Natural world


The most prolific growth on this planet is part of the day in the mist and most of the time under clouds ,and the least growth is always directly in the sun .
To exchange the one for the other means changing local climates

We are exchanging Nature with Tar , concrete and open spaced mono cultures.

In 300 years half of the planets forests have gone ,and in the last 50 years half of the wet lands ,and rain forests

These Areas absorb heat during the day and release heat at night ,
Cause cloud formation(shade).humidifying the air on the surface as well as releasing excess water at the roots that keep rivers flowing ,which in turn brings more water into the Environment .
As well as contributing to absorbing carbon emissions as do the leaves of the trees together with the oceans .

All in all many factors which directly affect the local Environment .
The loss of the above resulting in rivers drying up ,less rain ,desertification,loss of habitat for many species and so on.
dryer and hotter surface environments which can manifest in different weather patterns such as tornadoes or bush fires

I may be stupid or Naive but somehow i believe that lots of these local environmental changes, can add up to affect global weather, If there are enough of them (and there are)

And then on top of that comes the story of the effects of pollutants released into Nature and especially the Air ,by MAN http://earthissues.multiply.com/photos/album/5/EMISSIONS

A cocktail of events and a lot of the ingredients have MAN written all over them

So it is safe to assume that we should look at ourselves ,just a teeny bit ,for possible improvements ,and rectifying Eco errors that are with in our powers.

What is a safer bet
to be or not to be



What is the difference between environment protection and environment health?

Posted by admin on May 28, 2012 in Environment Protection with 1 Comment

In my opinion, Environment Protection is when somebody is helping to save it, and environment health is how is the environment.

What are some decent jobs in the clean tech/energy sector?

Posted by admin on May 28, 2012 in Clean Energy with 1 Comment

Can anyone list a few decent paying jobs in the clean tech or energy (Clean Energy, not oil or coal) sector? Whether it be smart-grid tech, wind, solar, geothermal, batteries, LED, etc.

Thanks in advanced.

The jobs these days would be in Engineering – Planning or Designing technologies.
Installation – They need qualified people to install Solar Panels.
Supply Chain/Planning – Someone to order Products.

The first two are your best bets.

How do I create renewable energy from our personal waste in food garbage and septic?

Posted by admin on May 27, 2012 in Renewable Energy with 2 Comments

I want to take my septic gasses and compost gasses and turn them into Renewable Energy on my property to power up my home. How do I do that?

Are there residential systems designed to do this?

We are getting closer to such equipment but you will have to go to Europe for the technology. The States are 5 years behind when it comes to anaerobic digesters and fermenters.

Small farms are using them now but they haven’t worked all the bugs out yet to make it really efficient. Still you can only create so much energy from such little waste.

Global WARMING???

Posted by admin on May 27, 2012 in Global Warming with 11 Comments

If we are truly experiencing "Global Warming" I bet the people in the Northeast are thankful….think how much worse it would be without "Global Warming"! hahaha

Hate to say it, but the Global Warming thing is not as clear cut as people seem to think. While it is presented as being part of a general scientific consensus, the truth is that we only have about 100 years of data to go on to say that Humans are having any sort of impact on the climate.

Given that the Earth (and the sun, which is in a period of unusual solar activity right now) goes in cycles, it’s probably irresponsible to go running around like Chicken Little and blame everything on humanity. Truth is, the Sun’s hotter than normal solar flare activity is a main contributer to the warm up. This is a little known piece of data that is usually excluded fromt he debate.

The remaining warm-up may be humans, but it may not. We do know that the world goes through cycles. 1000 years ago, vikings were farming on greenland. Now their farms are all under ice. Perhaps global warming is just a natural cycle we’re going through.

That’s not to say we shouldn’t be better stewards of the environment, but I’m getting tired of this "scientific consensus" crap that’s based on uncertain data and projection that can’t even predict what the weather will be like next week acurately, much less in 100 years. Heck, they were saying 2006 would be a terrible year for hurricanes. We didn’t have a single one hit the USA. Go figure.

Let’s do real science, not political granstanding… which is what I think the "Global Warming" thing we keep hearing about from politicians and the UN is really about.

I want to work as a 6-8 weeks intern in Japan, in environment protection firm.Which is the best there is?

Posted by admin on May 27, 2012 in Environment Protection with 1 Comment

It could be anywhere in Japan. It need not be funded. I would like to learn the advancements in soil/water conservation which environmental consultancy firms do in Japan and do my bit for the environment when I come back to India, my homeland. I am looking for a good firm which can give me a good exposure to the same as an intern.

It’s all up to you

Why do Conservatives have such a problem with Clean Energy and Innovation?

Posted by admin on May 27, 2012 in Clean Energy with 5 Comments

You thought that the Internet was just a fad, but you were proven wrong, and now you think that Clean Energy is just a fad, and you will be proven wrong again.

Get with the program people! Or you will be left behind again.

It’s in the definition; Conservatives tend to stick with the status quo or the old ways, Progressives move forward trying to change society.

I really don’t mean that as a slam, but it is where the names come from after all…

"Conservatism (Latin: conservare, "to preserve")[1] is a political and social philosophy that promotes the maintenance of traditional institutions and supports, at the most, minimal and gradual change in society."


edit: um, the internet "stood on its own" after significant government development and investment. Then private enterprise took off with it. Just sayin’. Which led to one of the greatest economic booms we’ve seen. I betcha conservatives would try to kill it today; too much spending.


Posted by admin on May 26, 2012 in Renewable Energy with 25 Comments

Just a little education for my subs. This is an amazing set up. Please watch both parts. This is not my video. This is a mirrored video and is for educational use. All credit for this video goes the the original person that posted it. Thanks for watching.
Original posters link…

Duration : 0:9:59

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