Environment Technology

Environment Technology

Does GOP care about environment protection?

Posted by admin on June 28, 2012 in Environment Protection with 11 Comments

I know they do care about corporations who don’t care about environment.


Why do Conservatives say now is not the time for Clean Energy?

Posted by admin on June 28, 2012 in Clean Energy with 13 Comments

If not now when?

The Gulf Oil Disaster highlights the need for clean energy.

We can not afford Clean Energy, it’s still way behind fossil fuels, and way too costly, and not even available in the quanties we need.

Renewable Energy Tax Credits – Greener in More Ways Than One

Posted by admin on June 26, 2012 in Renewable Energy with 5 Comments

It’s certainly no secret: the cost of renewable energy production and its implementation can be extremely high. This is the very reason why tax credits are often used to enable renewable energy sources to compete with fossil fuels.

With rising oil and natural gas prices, the war in Iraq and environmental problems centering on Global Warming and air pollution, our nation is concerned about their energy security and environmental issues. The United States is recognizing the need and power of Renewable Energy and is supporting its development through federal income tax credits and incentives.

President George Bush signed the Energy Policy Act of 2005 into law on August 8, 2005. It took over four years for Congress to pass after reviewing several different versions. It extended tax credits for wind and biomass energies for two more years and included additional tax credits for solar, geothermal and ocean energy.

Solar tax credits apply to residential and business users. This tax credit would pertain to eligible equipment installed between 1/1/06 and 12/31/08. The equipment installed would include those solar systems that generate electricity, heat and cool or provide hot water to structures. It must also be operational in the first year the credit is taken and the taxpayer must be the original user. The credit is 30% with a $2,000 cap for each unit for residential taxpayers and it is 30% with a no business cap specified for corporate users. After 12/31/08 the corporate tax credit will return to 10%.

The geothermal corporate credit remains at 10% with no maximum stated. This credit does not apply to geothermal heat pumps and is limited to geothermal energy equipment that produces, uses or distributes energy derived from geothermal deposits. A personal tax credit of 10% with a $300 maximum can be taken for geothermal heat pumps.

The federal government also included production tax credits for renewable energies. These credits allow companies to invest in renewable technologies and write the investment off against other investments. This was a major push of support for renewable energy technologies. The credit was extended until December 31, 2008. The credits are 1.9 cents per kWh for wind, geothermal, closed-loop biomass and 1.0 cent per kWh for hydroelectric power, landfill gas, municipal solid waste and open-loop biomass. These pertain to the first ten years of operation

Similar to production tax credits, there were also provisions for renewable energy production incentives (REPI) for state and local governments, as well as, nonprofit electrical cooperatives. The enacted law included new qualifying energy generation facilities for solar, wind, biomass (excluding municipal solid waste combustion) landfill gas and certain types of dry steam geothermal energy. It was extended through fiscal year 2016 and also included ocean and wave energy.

These credits will be applied to any amount that remains after any other state or utility incentives have been taken. There are numerous states that do offer incentives also. Some new state incentives include a California state rebate program for photovoltaics, an Illinois state grant program for wind energy, a New Jersey state rebate program for geothermal heat pumps and a Pennsylvania property tax assessment for wind energy. These are just a few of the many state incentives that exist.

The United States government and the individual states are promoting renewable energy sources as an energy source to be encouraged. With all the incentives available, this may be one of the best times to make your air cleaner with a commitment toward this energy. With everyone’s support we can recharge renewable energy’s development.

Matthew Hick

Prevent Global Warming

Posted by admin on June 26, 2012 in Global Warming with 17 Comments

Today, ‘prevent global warming’ seems to be the necessity of the day. It is high time we noticed effects of industrialization on the planet. It is no more difficult to notice that global warming has been changing climate of the world. Large ice masses that initially adorned both the north and south poles are melting as a very fast speed. This shows warming is affecting us since the water levels will increase drastically. Melting of ice masses will also mean changing in climatic conditions all around the world. Effects of which will be difficult for humans and animals alike.

You can prevent global warming by uniting against it. It does not matter what your place of residence may be; however, you can contribute towards reforestation and help reduce green house gases and carbon dioxide considerably. You can also help in cooling the earth down substantially. Global Warming is also the result of using fossil fuels like petrol, diesel, CNG, etc. with industrialization there has been growth in number of car owners, this has made global warming faster.

You can easily prevent global warming, you should use all those facilities provided to you consciously. A little saving of water, fuel, electricity, etc per person can make a lot of difference to our planet.

In order to prevent global warming there are several organizations which are working actively so they can increase forests around the world. Increasing forests is a good and a constructive alternative to solving this problem of global warming. It is true that rain forests and tropical forests around the world are being cut down to fulfill demand for wood and paper, this is causing deforestation. A simple solution to this problem is replanting the trees that have been cut off and letting these grow back again naturally. These lush green trees in the tropical rain forests have worked as lungs for all the world for ages. Reduction in these forests will accelerate the disaster brought in by global warming.

Several governments around the world are taking steps and implementing laws that will help curb production of green house gases and make the world a better place for our children. However, these laws will take time in being implemented. Till the time, these actually come into being, all world’s population can contribute a little more by planting trees around them and prevent global warming.

You will find concerns about global warming being echoed online too. In fact several organizations have opened their websites so that they can spread awareness about the current situation amongst general public. These organizations will also educate you about how a small contribution from you will make a ton of difference in world’s ecological climate.

You can contribute to this cause to as low as $10 just once, and a chunk of deforested land will be taken for reforestation so all its natural habitat can be restored. Such organizations generally specify the place where they are being carrying out reforestation so you can contribute and prevent global warming.

Hamish Fraser

How to Get Complete Privacy Protection From Innovative Software Solutions!

Posted by admin on June 26, 2012 in Environment Protection with No Comments

In the recent years, life has become immensely easy for the common person who wants to carry out some basic operations through the computer. These include storage of some information and communication through emails and chat programs. With the increase in number of computer users, the allied products available for them have also increased. Today the market offers a vast variety of software that helps an individual to effectively use the computer for his needs. What does privacy protection software do? Privacy protection software is one of the latest offerings of the computer software market. Privacy protection software is meant to apply certain settings on your computer that will help you to save the important information from unauthorized users.

We often save such information, pictures or even music files on our computers, which we do not want others to view. We want to hide them from public view, so that even our colleagues, roommates, children or other family members cannot view them. The most important feature of protection software is the way in which it hides the folders. None of the users can even identify that a certain folder or file has been hidden somewhere in the computer. All possible traces of these are removed from every application of the computer. As a result, for more details visit to www.software-index-website.com even the best of experts cannot manage to trace such hidden information on your computer. Another main utility is the easy to use and secure features, which make it possible even for a person with minimal computer knowledge to use the software.

The settings can be applied very easily on the folders. For security purposes, you can also apply locks and passwords on the hidden folders, so that no one else can operate upon them, not even hackers. Who uses privacy protection software? Such software is now being increasingly used by all usage groups. In an office environment, people often do not want the other colleagues or subordinates to view certain files and folders they save on the computer. Even at home, for more details visit to www.scripts-to-sell.com we save such material, which we do not want our children or other family members to view.

These could include our financial details, critical business information, personal details, photographs, videos, music files and the like. Where is it available? You can visit the various websites on the internet offering such privacy protection software. Many internet suppliers offer this software in various forms, having different features. Another alternative is to contact your local computer software provider who will be able to suggest you some good options. In fact, most of the internet suppliers of such software offer a free of cost trial version of the software. This can be downloaded and installed on the computer. The trial version is available for a fixed period, usually lasting up to 20 days.


The Potential Of Hydrogen Based Energy

Posted by admin on June 26, 2012 in Clean Energy with 2 Comments

This article illustrates the potential of hydrogen based energy systems. We want to show you that if the world chooses to follow the hydrogen road then all the basic technology is available now, we are not waiting for research breakthroughs.

The cost of changing to a hydrogen-powered world will not be excessive, especially if the external costs of pollution and ill health associated with fossil fuels are taken into account as credits towards the cost of using hydrogen as a clean fuel with no external costs. Only when hydrogen enters a market at small volumes is there going to be a cost problem and we will just have to find ways around these temporary obstacles.

The following sections will show you how to calculate the cost of changing to hydrogen. See for yourself, if you think our input figures are wrong then you can substitute your own and see if a hydrogen powered world is feasible. We would be very pleased to have some feedback on this because it is difficult to get well documented information on costs.

If Global Warming is partly or wholly due to atmospheric CO2 produced by the use of fossil fuels, then the hydrogen energy system described here is one way of producing more energy for the world without adding more CO2 to the atmosphere that would make global warming worse.

Global warming will have adverse effects on climate and will lead to rising sea levels flooding towns, cities and farmland.

We cannot realistically expect to reduce the total world use of energy because only a quarter of the world’s population are using approximately three quarters of the world’s current energy production. This a quarter of the world’s population are unlikely to make the reductions in use required to accommodate increases in energy use by the three quarters of the world’s population currently needing more energy supplies.

Some people advocate cutting back the consumption of resources and energy generally as the way to a sustainable future. But the dynamics (i.e. increasingly capitalist ) and realities of the world’s population and economies are such that a peaceful global reduction in consumption is not possible. What is needed is environmentally sustainable growth of world production to meet human needs. This will require an increasing supply of clean pollution-free energy and the recycling of the Earth’s material resources which will also involve using more energy.

A hydrogen based system offers totally Clean Energy supplies with no pollution. The system is based on renewable sources of electricity and uses hydrogen as an energy carrier/fuel that is able to replace all existing uses of fossil fuels. The hydrogen energy system could meet all the world’s energy needs forever.

It is more likely that the argument over what to do about global warming is going to be won by people who say what can be done and not by people who say what cannot be done. The hydrogen energy system offers a way out of our energy supply impasse.

The hydrogen energy system is a simple concept, it is based on current technology and would not be particularly expensive. Water, which comes from the atmosphere as rain, is converted into hydrogen and oxygen by electrolysis using clean renewable electricity. The hydrogen, which is an energy carrier and fuel, is then transported to where energy is needed and at the point of use the hydrogen combines with atmospheric oxygen to form water which returns to the atmosphere as water vapour. The exchange of water and oxygen via the atmosphere is always in balance and there is no pollution.

James Nash

What is the most renewable energy source?

Posted by admin on June 25, 2012 in Renewable Energy with 3 Comments

Im doing this project on energy sources and I need to know what is the most work done on the most renewable energy sources.

Biofuels, Biomass, Geothermal, Solar power, Tidal power, Wave power, Wind power are other types of Renewable Energy. So, the most renewable energy source is Hydro power.

How is climate change and global warming related?

Posted by admin on June 25, 2012 in Global Warming with 3 Comments

I’m doing homework and i need to know
Does climate change lead to global warming? Or does global warming lead to climate change? Or are they both unrelated in this way?
What’s the difference?
The melting of the icecaps, are they part of global warming or climate change?
And the hole in Australia’s atmosphere, is that part of global warming or climate change?
And also the increase of natural disasters too. Is that part of Global Warming or climate change?
I’m so confused. Please help. 10 points for the best and most detailed answer.
Thank you.

The statement Global Warming has been replaced with Global Climate Change that is why you are so confused. It is the weather which is changing the holes in the ozone are due to magnetic fields weakening the temperature increases are due to excess CO2 being released into the atmosphere.

like to share a song you like most about environment protection?

Posted by admin on June 25, 2012 in Environment Protection with 7 Comments

i like most is "karaniwang tao" or philippine translation for "ordinary people". check it out in youtube sung by joey ayala.
here’s a rough translation of that song:
I’m just an ordinary man
know jobs a horse would do
ordinary occupation
ordinary problems
food, clothing and shelter

knows nothing about science
confused about so many words
just know that this planet
can’t be replaced and should be cared for
whenever it’s destroyed, who’d be most pity.

ordinary man, where to go
when this earth is destroyed
ordinary man, what one can do?
To watch over the environment

ordinary things go unnoticed
accumulated it becomes a problem
a pile of garbage become mountainous
defective cars belched smoke
laundry soaps killing the rivers

poisons coming from industries
expelled by factories
but not only the giants
scatter all this mess
we all are also responsible.
TA-O can also be translated as human.

I like your song, also. There have been some very nice suggestions by other answerers.

Look at us now – Joe Walsh

People, look at us now
In the midst of confusion
We lost sight somehow
How, in the name of the planet
I just don’t understand it
Look at us now

People, open your eyes
How can everyone see it
And yet be so blind?
And still, still we go on pretending
Nothing is wrong, we don’t have that long
Open your eyes

Children, this is your song
In case someday you need one
Long after I’m gone
Please take care of the planet
Like the way that God planned it
Please, take care of the planet
That’s the way that God planned it
Pass it along, to your children
Children, children…. .

Why doesn’t Exxon-Mobil and Chevron simply change their business plan to focus on Clean Energy?

Posted by admin on June 25, 2012 in Clean Energy with 9 Comments

Instead of being dragged into the future kicking and screaming. There is a lot of money to be made in clean energy. Everything from making Wind Turbines, Solar Panels to making Lithium Batteries for Electric Vehicles.

The company that has the foresight to lead in Green Energy will be the Forbes 500 Companies of the future. Those that resist will find themselves obsolete in a few years.
President Obama is open to using Nuclear Energy, as long as there are adequate safety procedures for disposing waste.

The real Clean Energy is nuclear power, but liberals and democrats hate this for some reason. It is not dangerous when properly managed.

You can’t get rid of the old until you have something viable to replace it.


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