Environment Technology

Environment Technology

California Consumers Choose Solar Service; Electric Car Apps by General Motors- Energy Min 11/29/12

Posted by admin on November 29, 2012 in Renewable Energy with No Comments

A survey of the 13-highest growth solar cities in California finds that at least three-fourths of the solar residential market has chosen solar service from third-party owned systems over private control and operation. The majority of the state’s small-scale photovoltaic installations are turnkey operations provided by private Renewable Energy companies. California leads the U.S. in solar installations, with 36 percent of the country’s total capacity of installed panels.

General Motors has released two new apps to help drivers determine the range of electric vehicles and the cost of public charging. The Spark EV Waypoint tab is integrated into the RemoteLink app, which helps drivers manage vehicle charging. The new app delivers answers to questions about vehicle range, and will plot a route with recommended charging stations. A new prototype app, Park-Tap-Charge, will show payment options when a smartphone is tapped against a charging station.

For more information on these and other stories, go to http://www.csrminute.com.

The Energy Minute is produced for 3BL Media by Video4Good: http://www.video4good.com

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Trifecta – Global Hoax: Report Concludes that Global Warming Ended Sixteen Years Ago

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A recent report concludes that Global Warming ended 16 years ago. Has the world been fooled by a group of radical liberal environmentalists? Is it time for policy makers to ignore false hockey stick graphs? Find out.

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Ron Paul: Protect the Environment by Respecting Property Rights

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Ron Paul is America’s leading voice for limited, constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, sound money, and a pro-America foreign policy.

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Renewable Resources – Clean Energy – Build your own solar panels

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http://www.ecoenergyproducts.info – Go green in only 30 days from now ! Take the quality of your life to the next level, save money and help the planet in the process. Start to harness solar energy by learning how to build your own solar panels in no time, easy and safely. Learn also how to harness wind power and other alternative energy resources. Go green, and step into the future of home green energy generation infrastructures.

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whats a good college course to learn about building solar panels, wind turbines and renewable energy?

Posted by admin on November 29, 2012 in Renewable Energy with 4 Comments

i live in southern alberta and want to be in renewable energy.. any suggestions?

I may not understand your question. If you want to learn how to size/install about renewable energy, there is a college that teaches that: http://www.sanjuancollege.edu/pages/4003.asp

They turn out great students and are one of the top Renewable Energy colleges out there! (I know, we’ve hired folks who have graduated from there before)

If you don’t want to devote that much resource/time to it, there is alot of free learning, including free webinars at www.altestore.com. And there are also places that offer online and offline courses for $ like SEI http://www.solarenergy.org/ and MREA http://www.the-mrea.org/

I hope that helps!

How does global warming create severe droughts and heat waves?

Posted by admin on November 29, 2012 in Global Warming with 6 Comments

Global warming will cause the rise of the ocean level caused be melting glaciers. Precipitation is sopposed to increase obviously, but how will parts of the world experience droughts and heat waves??

The climate is phenomenally complex, there’s thousands upon thousands of components all interacting with each other. It’s this complex series of interactions that leads to a seemingly paradoxical situation.

The points you mention are quite accurate – ocean levels are rising (by 3.2mm a year) and precipitation has increased (by about 5% globally). With more precipitation you’d have though there would be less drought.

What’s actually happening is pretty much the same as has always happened – the equatorial regions witness the greatest evapouration from the seas and oceans and the winds spiralling away from these regions carry the precipitation to the more northerly and southerly latitudes. If you ramp up this process by putting more energy into the system (ie Global Warming) you accelerate and intensify what’s happening – more evapouration and more rain but falling in the maritime, polar and temperate zones.

The matter is further compounded by a warming of the climate in already arid zones. What water exists here is more readily evapourated by the warmer atmosphere and intensified sunlight, there isn’t enough for saturation vapour pressure to be reached (the point at which it can precipitates) so the moisture is carried away from these hot areas and dumped as rain, snow etc in other parts of the world.

In short – the already wet places get wetter and the dry places get drier. This is happening now in many countries around the world, most notably in Africa and Asia where vast tracts of land have been desertified forcing millions permenantly from their homes.

Caveat: The above is an overly simplified version of what’s happening, the reality is far more complex and many more component factors are involved.

What is the taxes on electronics in British Columbia?

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I know the tax is 12% but with electronic purchases there will be more. A guy bought a plasma TV for $798, after tax he paid somewhere around $925. The 12% tax already made his dollar worthless, so what’s the percentage of "Environment Protection" fee? My guess is if you want to purchase electronics in British Columbia, you pay 20% to 21% tax. Am I right or wrong? Thanks for the answers

In BC the environment fee on the TV is based on the size of the screen. So you will pay the 12% tax plus the following.

Television (18" and smaller) $9.00
Television (19" – 29") $9.00
Television (30" – 45") $31.75
Television (46" and larger) $31.75

What is your plan to ensure our Energy Policies are equitable and competitive with emerging countries.?

Posted by admin on November 29, 2012 in Clean Energy with 4 Comments

How can we compete with low cost energy countries when the US’s alternative/Clean Energy is a tax burden and without government subsidies can not self sustain. We need a balanced approach between our natural resources and new energy projects. The US can not continue to slap the wrists of coal and other forms of Energy when other countries will use coal as a favored low cost energy product.

My plan is to use as little as possilbe and allow and encourage others to make their own informed choices.

Why can’t the Federal Govt increase subsidies to renewable energy companies instead of passing Cap and Trade?

Posted by admin on November 27, 2012 in Renewable Energy with 2 Comments

All they have to do is increase their subsidies and incentives to companies in the Renewable Energy industry, create an easy to entry barrier with full Govt support, these Co.s will then invest the money in R&D and very soon there will be the advent of a new breakthrough in technology which will be cheaper than the current energy sources we have today.

This, in place of taxing CO2 and every molecule out there with out including H2O and O2.

The cost of developing renewable technology at the moment if far greater than developing the current technology of coal, oil and gas. Because of these high cost the returns for developing renewable energy are not there yet. There are some renewable energy companies but the energy market is dominated by oil and gas companies.

Giving the firms subsidies will not solve the problem because the firms will still not get the return they want and it would be very costly for the government. We don’t know how long it would take to develop a reliable renewable energy technology that could replace oil, coal and gas.

Necessity is the mother of invention and we do not require large and expensive R&D projects in renewable technology yet. When it becomes economically viable they will all be jumping to renewable energy. In the not to distant future energy companies will find it more difficult in securing energy resources and it will be these companies that will invest money and develop renewable energy that can be sustainable.

What are the arguments stating that global warming is not actually a huge threat?

Posted by admin on November 27, 2012 in Global Warming with 12 Comments

I am writing a paper on global warming and I need to state facts about both sides of the argument. Trouble is, I am not sure where to look for information on the "other" side of the story. I’ve got lots of information that supports the reality of global warming, but there has to be some evidence that contradicts most of what we read. Any resources would be very helpful!
For the record, I think global warming is an extremely obvious reality and that people who chose not to see it are oblivious.

The earth has been this warm and even warmer in the past and the world didnt end.

The earth has been alternating from hot to cool and back again(with a trend towards cooling) since long before humans have been on this planet. Most global warming advocates will only show you temperature trends from the last few thousand years and claim that’s proof of Global Warming. The earth has actually been cooling rather steadily for at least the last 70 million years(start of the Cenozoic). The earth is as cool as it’s ever been. Scientists know this through the study of core samples of ice and Planktic/Bethnic Foraminifera.

Info on Planktic/Bethnic Foraminifera. Look at applications section

Chart showing the Temp drop since the Cenozoic. Notice the dramatic rise in temp at 15 million years. I wonder if the apes were driving SUVs around?

A chart showing the last 700,000 years. Notice that we are about at the peak of a warming trend. Also notice that the Earth has been this warm and even warmer in the past.

So yes in the short term the earth is warming but we have very little if anything to do with it. In the long term scope of things we’re as cool today as we’ve ever been.

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