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Environment Technology

I need persuasive paper topic that is loosely related to scuba diving any ideas?

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I’m a high school senior and we have this huge presentation we are preparing to present at the end of the school year and for one part of it we are making a persuasive/research paper that is very loosely related to our presentation. I am getting a nitrox scuba diving certification and i cant come up with a paper topic to write about because I’m at a complete loss of ideas of what to wright now.

The topic has to be persuasive, CANT be about general Environment Protection such as water pollution or destruction of the reefs, the paper topic can be VERY VERY loosely related, please guys you are my only hope.

Write about how Jacques-Yves Cousteau developed SCUBA (Self Contained Under water Breathing Apparatus) to replace hard hat diving equipment. Trace the problems he faced in developing this equipment.

EPA Criminal Enforcement: Protecting People and the Environment

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NOTE: If you need captions, please click the CC button on the player to turn them on.

Criminal enforcement is EPA’s strongest sanction and its criminal enforcement office investigates and helps the U.S. Department of Justice prosecute violators who, as a result of their intentional disregard of the law or their criminal negligence, seriously threaten public health and the environment.

The program investigates alleged crimes under all statutes administered by EPA, as well as violations of the general U.S. Criminal Code, such as fraud, conspiracy or lying to law enforcement officials, which are often associated with federal environmental crimes.

Potential criminal violations are investigated by highly trained special agents, working in over 40 field offices across the country, who are fully-authorized federal law enforcement officers, like their counterparts in the FBI or the U.S. Secret Service. They are supported by attorneys who are national experts in environmental criminal law and by expert forensic scientists and technicians who conduct complex and comprehensive analysis of pollution releases needed to link violators to their environmental crimes “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Other related videos:
– EPA Special Agents: Trained to Fight Environmental Crime

– EPA Criminal Case File: Scott Dominguez

– EPA Criminal Case File: Rebecca and Rachel Toone

– EPA Criminal Case File: Brent and Arlene McGregor

For more information about EPA’s criminal enforcement program, go to http://www.epa.gov/enforcement/criminal
For more about EPA: http://www.epa.gov/
We accept comments according to our comment policy: http://blog.epa.gov/blog/comment-policy/
Disclaimer: The U.S. Government does not promote or endorse any non-Government or commercial content appearing on this page.

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Students learn how to protect the environment

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VICTORIA – Forty years after the first Earth Day the Earth Day Network says the world is in greater peril than ever.

Of the many challenges, climate change may be the single biggest problem facing the planet today. But with those challenges come unprecedented opportunities to build healthy, prosperous, Clean Energy communities, and it all starts with education.

Grade one students at Tillicum elementary found out today that energy conservation starts at home. Schneider Electric visited the school. Power day showed kids how much electricity it takes to run household items, and how much it costs.

Hundreds of Greater Victoria students got a head start on Earth Day. Yesterday they picked up garbage in their communities as part of the Tim Horton’s Community Clean Up. Today BFI sorted all the trash into organics, recycleables and waste. Colquitz middle school picked up the most litter — 26 bags in all!

“We picked up 180 kilograms in total weight,” said Ken Proud of BFI Canada, “Most of the items we collected were small foil wrappers, cigarettes, small pieces of paper and organic materials.”

Whether it’s learning about electricity or what we throw away, students learned that every little bit counts, especially on Earth Day.

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Short Film | Revolution (An Awakening for India)

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‘Revolution’ is a Realistic Short Film (Animated) created for Environmental Awareness. The motto behind the film is to make people realize the current and actual situation of Indian Environment. The film is created with full dedication and research on Indian Environment. The creators of this film are common people who used to run a small NGO called ‘PEP- People for Environment Protection‘.
We hope our citizens will like our honest and small work towards our environment.

Duration : 0:5:53

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Datasafexl: a Brief Overview of Microsoft ® Excel Vulnerabilities

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In this article, we will provide you with a brief overview of the Microsoft ® Excel security environment and examine in more detail the effectiveness of Microsoft ® Excel’s built-in protection features.

Undoubtedly, Microsoft ® Excel’s security environment can prove to be cumbersome even for experienced users. In addition, there are numerous methods which an intruder can use to bypass any security aspect of the Microsoft ® Excel application. Without a doubt, the general consensus is that Microsoft ® Excel’s security environment is weak.

The following protection measures can be employed in a Microsoft ® Excel spreadsheet

  • Password to open the workbook
  • Password to protect sheet contents
  • Password to protect workbook structure
  • Password to protect VBA code

By using a password to open a Microsoft ® Excel file, you are effectively encrypting its contents. Thus, only individuals who know this password can access any of the workbook’s contents.

Even so, the default encryption standard in the Microsoft ® Excel application is very weak and commercial password crackers from websites such as Lastbit and LostPassword can be used to obtain the password and access the contents of the file.

In addition, there is nothing that prevents a user from sharing the password with other individuals.

Subsequently, a spreadsheet developer can decide to protect the sheet contents and workbook structure so that users cannot change any formulae or the names of the sheets for example. Again, a free utility can be obtained from a website by the name Straxx to bypass these protection features within seconds.

The abovementioned utilities can also be easily used to break the password for VBA projects and obtain access to the VBA source code.

Another common technique that Microsoft ® Excel developers like to use, is to hide all sheets when the Excel file is closed. This method forces the user to ‘Enable Macros’ when opening a file, in order to be able to view the hidden sheets.

However, the pitfall with this approach is that users can still open the Excel file by ‘Disabling Macros’ and use an ‘Add-in’ to unhide and manipulate all sheets presented in the workbook.

To summarise, users can obtain and modify all the data in a workbook, even in situations where they are required to use a password to access a Microsoft ® Excel file.

This is why DataSafeXL’s (http://www.DataSafeXL.com) innovative product, “XLSafe” is imperative for your business and your sensitive data.


Nikolas Petousis

ILO Head: “New Jobs and Environment Protection, We Can Do Both”

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According to a report issued by the ILO along with the Green Jobs Initiative, up to 60 million jobs over the next two decades could be achieved by moving to a greener economy. “There can be substantial net gains in employment, social inclusion and poverty reduction through an integrated approach to economic, social, and environmental dimensions of sustainable development”, declared ILO Director-General, Juan Somavia, today in Geneva.

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Introduction to Environment Protection Act- Part III.mpeg

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Introduction to Environment Protection Act- Part III

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Educating People About Alternative Energies

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Perhaps one of the most effective ways through which young people can learn about alternative energies would be to use PicoTurbine kits, books or even projects. This company, called PicoTurbine, is the main promoter of alternative energies, a company that has created awareness throughout the whole world of the numerous benefits of the large scale usage of such energies. The environment needs to be protected and alternative energies definitely take into account this aspect. Therefore, if humanity wants to benefit from the environment in the future, then active steps of protection need to be enforced.

PicoTurbine devices work on several concepts; for instance, they actively incorporate the knowledge on alternative energies and make sure people are remembered once in a while, of this approach. The company receives a lot of feedback from customers, thus modifying its solutions to traditional energies in a way young people seem to find fit. Therefore, young people get to put their hands directly on real life situation and be able to make a change. A suggestion the company has received was to conduct experiments on wind energy production, by using the common known picture wire necessary for the heating elements. PicoTurbines has also noted that when people think about wind energy, they generally conjure up the image of cold energy and therefore, are surprised to see in reality the benefits of this technology. A suggestion for the projects was to give the opportunity to young people to engage into group based projects and thus, conduct their own discoveries and pose their own questions to lead them to the creation of their own, virtual energy plant, capable of producing real time energy. The groups will then be able to see whether the experiments were efficient and which one of them was able to produce the biggest amount of electricity or the smallest amount of electricity. They could be then able to modify the projects once again and come up with revised versions of what they are working on.

PicoTurbine has even been implemented in school curricula; teachers are now starting to instill in the senses for their pupils the appreciation for the environment and the awareness for alternative energies. Children are being taught that alternative means solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric or biomass energies that can produce considerable quantities of electricity under given conditions .when combining alternative energies we are decreasing the dependence that countries have our traditional energy derived from fossil fuel. Foreign oil supplies are getting more expensive by the day, therefore it would be much less costly to produce the nation’s own importer and if possible, then become the importer of energy. Judging from long terms effects, alternative energies are certainly less expensive that fossil fuel energies.

The company has also encouraged the sales of wind farms as well as solar arrays; these products are penetrating the market at growing rates and they are already becoming best sellers. To give you one example of how time has helped reduce the total cost for certain things, tale photo voltaic cells. Twenty years ago, they were evaluated at one thousand dollars per cell; now, each one of those cells costs only four dollars. Therefore, economists and specialists in alternative energies have denoted that it is possible to have the kilowatt being sold at one dollar, in 2015. thus, one needs to imagine the extraordinary impact that alternative energies would have on the entire world. Fossil fuels are starting to use their popularity, mainly because they damage to a large extent the environment and the air we are breathing. Thus, many cases of asthma attacks and pneumonias have been reported recently and the risks of developing allergies is extremely elevated. Such long term effects can even lead to cancer, therefore, it is advisable to switch to the alternative because this would mean no pollution, more protection to the environment and less money spent on energy costs.

Paul Moss

Environment Protection – PSA

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Public Service Announcement – A partial requirement in our English 211 :3

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An introduction to the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)

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Ever wondered what we do here at SEPA? This video highlights the importance of Scotland’s natural environment and the work we do to ensure that it is protected for many generations to come.

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