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Environment Technology

I need persuasive paper topic that is loosely related to scuba diving any ideas?

Posted by admin on October 24, 2013 in Environment Protection with No Comments

I’m a high school senior and we have this huge presentation we are preparing to present at the end of the school year and for one part of it we are making a persuasive/research paper that is very loosely related to our presentation. I am getting a nitrox scuba diving certification and i cant come up with a paper topic to write about because I’m at a complete loss of ideas of what to wright now.

The topic has to be persuasive, CANT be about general Environment Protection such as water pollution or destruction of the reefs, the paper topic can be VERY VERY loosely related, please guys you are my only hope.

Write about how Jacques-Yves Cousteau developed SCUBA (Self Contained Under water Breathing Apparatus) to replace hard hat diving equipment. Trace the problems he faced in developing this equipment.

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