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Save Environment….3-A Short Skit ‘Prakriti Bachaao’

environment protection This is a simple short skit I wrote to convey our message of ‘Save Environment’. Many thanks to Dr.(Mrs.) Ila Prakash, Mrs. Vasudha Seth and Mrs. Ritu Singh for taking part in this skit and my mother Dr.(Mrs.) Meera Verma for a giving a very informative conclusion….All of us are not actors and performing for the first time so kindly forgive and overlook our mistakes and just concentrate on the message….Thanks a lot for sparing your precious time…Save Environment Save Earth Save Life……

Duration : 0:10:19

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  1. manitomer
    24 mos ago

    Namaste Vasudhaji, …
    Namaste Vasudhaji, Thanks for participating…..best wishes and regards, Manisha

  2. vasudhaLEO
    24 mos ago

    Manisha, good 1…. …
    Manisha, good 1….thnx 4 evrything….

  3. saz9297
    24 mos ago

    Zabardast. bahot …
    Zabardast. bahot khoob. marvelous presentation. acting is secondary but you all conveyed message brilliantly.
    thank you

  4. rumahale
    24 mos ago

    I did witness the …
    I did witness the skit, but missed in commenting; thereafter my personal problems came in the way. So, excuse me.
    As “saz9297 ” (Zahher ji – am I right?) mentioned, acting is secondary but conveying message is important. You have succeeded in both fronts. Excellent presentation indeed. Thanks.

  5. manitomer
    24 mos ago

    Namaste Zaheerji, …
    Namaste Zaheerji, thank you so much for liking our effort to convey the message of ‘Save Environment’…..best wishes and regards, Manisha

  6. manitomer
    24 mos ago

    We will surely keep …
    We will surely keep on trying to do so in our own little ways if God’s blessings and encouragement from friends like you is there….thanks….best wishes and regards, Manisha

  7. rumahale
    24 mos ago

    Thanks again. …
    Thanks again. Please continue the good work in pursuing the noble causes that are dear to you. Regards.

  8. manitomer
    24 mos ago

    Namaste Mahaleji, I …
    Namaste Mahaleji, I am grateful for your encouraging and kind feedback for our humble attempt….we just tried to convey this very important message in a variety of ways…..by songs, slide-presentation , posters and skit, I just wrote a basic format and then everyone followed their instincts and spoke extempore, we did not learn the dialogues so that our presentation would seem more natural…..thanks a lot….best wishes and regards, Manisha

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