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Squander – Skunk Anansie (Save Earth version)

Posted by admin on January 16, 2013 in Environment Protection with 1 Comment

Squander is a wonderful track by the band Skunk Anansie. The lyrics can be understood in many ways. This is a version where it is viewed as a call from mother Earth to mankind. “If you keep pushing me away; you’l have no one left to love”. The reflection goes with Bible verses for Environment Protection. The images and aspects of protection are from my beautiful country Sri Lanka; who is also constantly in danger of grave environmental hazards.
I hope this will inspire you to develop a more closer bond with nature and see all aspects of nature as a part of God’s creation, which is given to us to take care of. May God bless you

Duration : 0:4:34

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  1. no1reallycaresabout2January 16, 2013 - 9:22 am #1

    Bothoma isthuthi m8 …
    Bothoma isthuthi m8. I thnk Christians all over the world forget that he hav to try 2 take care of our planet when we live this life. This video is very moving. Devi pihitai, Yeshuagay pihitai

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