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Environment Technology

Students learn how to protect the environment

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VICTORIA – Forty years after the first Earth Day the Earth Day Network says the world is in greater peril than ever.

Of the many challenges, climate change may be the single biggest problem facing the planet today. But with those challenges come unprecedented opportunities to build healthy, prosperous, Clean Energy communities, and it all starts with education.

Grade one students at Tillicum elementary found out today that energy conservation starts at home. Schneider Electric visited the school. Power day showed kids how much electricity it takes to run household items, and how much it costs.

Hundreds of Greater Victoria students got a head start on Earth Day. Yesterday they picked up garbage in their communities as part of the Tim Horton’s Community Clean Up. Today BFI sorted all the trash into organics, recycleables and waste. Colquitz middle school picked up the most litter — 26 bags in all!

“We picked up 180 kilograms in total weight,” said Ken Proud of BFI Canada, “Most of the items we collected were small foil wrappers, cigarettes, small pieces of paper and organic materials.”

Whether it’s learning about electricity or what we throw away, students learned that every little bit counts, especially on Earth Day.

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