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Global Warming – Modern Chimneys Can Help

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Much ado has been made about “solid fuel” heating devices.  A solid fuel heating device is, simply, a fireplace or chimney–a unit in which something is burned and the heat from that fire is transferred throughout the house while the dangerous components of the fire (smoke, soot, etc) are transferred out of the house via a chimney or piping system.  You might consider a fireplace and chimney system to be old fashioned (and a lot of work) when compared to other heating systems, like underfloor heating, which have become popular in the last few decades.  The truth is that solid fuel heating systems can help reduce your carbon footprint and Global Warming.

Here are just a few of the major benefits offered by a solid fuel heating devices:

* Money goes farther with a solid fuel heating device than it does with a modern heating system.

* Versatility is greater with a solid fuel heating device than it is with the other types of heating devices that can be installed.

* The solid fuel heating device offers users more control than some other types of heating devices.

* There is nothing more reliable than a solid fuel heating system. 

These factors aside, solid fuel heating devices are not without risks.  UK homeowners need to make sure that their chimney systems get cleaned regularly or they run the risk of getting carbon monoxide poisoning.  This is because the chimney system is the mechanism by which carbon monoxide and other dangerous materials are removed from the home.  There are many mechanisms that can be built into modern solid fuel heating devices that help to keep the chimneys unclogged and easier to clean.  Inspect these mechanisms regularly and hire a professional to check your entire system on a regular basis.

You can save yourself a lot of worrying over your energy bill when you have a solid fuel heating device installed.  Instead of using power to turn the system on and off you simply need to find something that is safe to burn.  Gas fireplaces are another option as they can be turned on and off with a switch.

Some homeowners use them as a convenient way to get rid of junk mail or other burnable items.  Homeowners like that they have control over the units.  Other homeowners like gas fireplaces which are turned on and off by a switch.

Finally, unlike some of the other types of heating systems which have become popular, solid fuel heating systems do not rely upon electricity for operation.  You don’t have to worry about freezing if the power goes out in the middle of a winter storm.  This means that having a modern chimney can reduce your carbon footprint!

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