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Throughout the expansion of people around the earth the movements have generally spread east and west out of Africa, and most have stayed in the wide central middle climate zones between both poles where the science shows that healthy lifestyles are easier if you can grow crops all year. Thus in the west it was that as people migrated to the north from Egypt they found winter storms could happen in Athens or Rome. And thus developed the need for storage for the times when science says if the average temperature falls below 40 F crops will not grow.

And after the times of Alexander the Great, the creation of his majestic port at the mouth of the life giving Nile made possible increasing crops in ever fertile Egypt to soon become the bread basket for Athens and then Rome. And even before Athens back into the far reaches of time, people had been forced southward in Europe and all northern regions of earth, at both poles really. The cave drawings in southern France also show reindeer bones at layers when England was covered in ice.

We have moved north and south several times. And with our human help, it is rather speeding up this time, as the flowing water out of expanding holes in glaciers shows from Greenland and Canada to the Antarctic. Soon the always frozen seas of northern Canada will be open to traffic, the long sought northwest passage which actually is a huge short cut for trade between Europe and Asia. All win with lower costs and quickly delivery in this case. There is that issue about the sea rising, which may create Dutch type cities and the need to adapt to what ever is coming at us.

If New Orleans needs 10 feet high dikes, let us build them. In some areas less precious or historic, maybe we need to move to high ground also. But what is coming is the northward ability of crops, from Changsha Mandarin Oranges and hardy banana trees up in west coast Canada, to grizzly bears mating with polar bears as they reach the Arctic Ocean, where small trees are starting to poke up from the permafrost. And we now have other burning bushes to put out while California crops and vineyard dry out as we find the Sonoran desert moving northward, burning bushes by bush.

Meanwhile Manhattan will sonn grow Mandarin oranges as now in the frost zones of Manchuria. And as grizzly bears have now reached the Arctic Ocean, we in Canada now have a new worry: what do you call a baby bear, still white but with a black mouth, who had a Grizzly for a daddy, and a Polar kind of mom? Change would be good.

Derek Dashwood

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