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The Most Terrifying Video You’ll Ever See

Posted by admin on April 24, 2012 in Global Warming with 24 Comments

Over 8 million total views. Now there’s a book:
“…superbly crafted…A must read.” -Gen. Anthony Zinni, US CENTCOM Commander (Ret.)

“This book trumps most of our accounts of the Global Warming crisis.” –author Bill McKibben

“Al Gore should share his Nobel peace prize.” -The “New Scientist”

“This is a tremendous book and well worth anyone’s time to read…. You’re in for a treat—Craven is funny as well as exceptionally clear, and wise.” –Kim Stanley Robinson, Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author of the Mars Trilogy and Science in the Capital

“This is a terrifically thoughtful book…. Cravens book shines an illuminating floodlight on how we think about global warming.”
–Ross Gelbspan, author, “The Heat Is On” and “Boiling Point”

On Amazon: http://snurl.com/kjpvp

Greg Craven (that’s me!), the creator of “The Most Terrifying Video” never intended to write a book. It just sort of happened. All as a result of the two-year back-and forth I’ve had with the YouTube community about this video and its follow up marathon “How It All Ends.”

So now “What’s the Worst That Could Happen? A Rational Response to the Climate Change Debate” is available from Amazon and other sellers through the links at www.gregcraven.org, as well as your local bookstore (I hope!).

Check it out if you’re intrigued by the argument in this video.

On Amazon: http://snurl.com/kjpvp

Trailer for the book: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7e10ZNpogv4

What the critics are saying: http://www.gregcraven.org/en/the-book/endorsements-and-criticisms

Download a 25-page preview: http://www.gregcraven.org/en/the-book/download-preview-of-whats-the-worst-that-could-happen

In the press: http://www.gregcraven.org/en/the-book/press-coverage-for-the-book

THE REASON THE COMMENTS ARE CLOSED ON THIS VIDEO is that most of the criticisms of what’s presented here have been addressed by the bruisingly thorough 7-hour How It All Ends video project, the discussion is happening over there. I spent months combing through literally tens of thousands of critical comments to find every single objection, criticism, “Yeah but,” and “You missed a spot” that I could to this video.

You might find the results interesting, and hopefully, helpful: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=92EE5DBE2987982F

You can post comments there. But to tell the truth, the conversation has moved even farther along, since the criticisms to those videos gave rise to the book, which now has its own discussions going at http://www.manpollo.org/forums/index.php.

Duration : 0:9:33

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A short video that I made for science when I was In Year 10, Hope you enjoy :) Thanks...

  1. MediaLiesTVApril 24, 2012 - 7:56 pm #1

    Carbon taxes and …
    Carbon taxes and population control is what you get when acting. It’s all a scam! Eugenics, eugenics, eugenics. Post-industrial world with the elites on top in their pleasure palaces while the average person eats their own children and dung!

  2. NightversionnApril 24, 2012 - 7:56 pm #2

    Polar bear news..
    ( …

    Polar bear news..
    (Please read before the denier below with all the sock puppet accounts censors it)..
    Polar bears older than previously thought: Study
    Polar bears diverged from their closest relatives 600,000 years ago, far earlier than previously thought, suggesting more challenges in the face of climate change, scientists said.
    Agence France-Presse
    20 April 2012

  3. SemmeleinApril 24, 2012 - 7:56 pm #3

    Seriously – what …
    Seriously – what are you guys arguing about? You talk about facts that may or may not be true. But there’s one thing that’s for certain: We can’t predict the future. So please stop all this “prove me this” or “prove me that” madness. It won’t help anybody.

    Less talking – more acting!

  4. NightversionnApril 24, 2012 - 7:56 pm #4

    More evidence/ …
    More evidence/impacts of climate change series…(please read article before the denier with all the sock puppet accounts censors it)..
    Retreat of glaciers makes some climbs tougher
    Mountaineers around the world find themselves forced to adjust to a warming world. Routes that were icy or glaciated in the middle part of the past century, when the world’s highest peaks were being conquered for the first time, are turning into unstable and unappetizing rock.
    New York Times
    26 December 2011

  5. TAMPADOC64April 24, 2012 - 7:56 pm #5

    I’m not? How did …
    I’m not? How did you come to that conclusion (tampaDOC)?
    There is NO vast scientific consensus. It doesn’t exist! Almost all scientist that support AGW are getting paid for it. I’ve personally looked at tens of thousands of pages of data, have you? I’ve looked over the AGW cults findings, the data they’ve used (manipulated, substituted and miscalculated) to draw my conclusions. What’s funny is your final sentence as that obviously describes yourself!
    PS PLEASE prove me wrong! Show me proof!

  6. threadysparrowApril 24, 2012 - 7:56 pm #6

    see, here is your …
    see, here is your problem. you are not a scientist. you know nothing about the climate. yet you feel that your opinion is just as good as the VAST SCIENTIFIC CONSENSUS! You do the ad hominem attacks on the scientists and you sit there and, when confronted with scientific data, you say “yeah well they were paid to put that data out” so in other words, you will always be right and nobody can convince you otherwise. that is the quality of a stupid person.

  7. stewpediumApril 24, 2012 - 7:56 pm #7

    Global warming or …
    Global warming or global cooling has nothing to do with humans and everything to do with the sun and its cycles.

  8. stewpediumApril 24, 2012 - 7:56 pm #8

    its funny how co2 …
    its funny how co2 is only .003% of our atmospheric gases. With nitrogen making up 78% and oxygen making up 21%. and all others 1%. co2 was over 30% around the time the dinosaurs walked the earth and there was no humans burning the terrible fossil fuels then. We need more co2. Plants and trees would be healthier with more co2. Its amazing they are still alive with such low levels.

  9. TAMPADOC64April 24, 2012 - 7:56 pm #9

    WRONG! You swallow …
    WRONG! You swallow a lot of propaganda without question! The article you’re citing said that 96% of PUBLISHED CLIMATOLOGIST said that warming has occurred. The AGW Cult was behind this and they used a lot of qualifiers in this I’ll point out to you.
    First; Published Climatologist: the AGW community has blocked many articles disagreeing with AGW from being published
    Second; climatologist: People paid to study AGW
    Third; Agree warming has occurred, warming did occur in the 80s, just not AGW!

  10. threadysparrowApril 24, 2012 - 7:56 pm #10

    96% of scientists …
    96% of scientists say global warming is happening.

  11. liellibgApril 24, 2012 - 7:56 pm #11

    Please tell us what …
    Please tell us what is so sensible about being forced paying a climate tax, while auto makers world wide are in third world nations making three times more cars than had ever been on the planet before. Oh they claim to get 7 miles to the gallon better gas mileage, so now we can make and sell alot more cars and not worry about polar bears and melting ice. That makes about as much sence a someone at Mc D’s ordering a large diet coke with a two big mac’s.apple pie fry chocolate sunday.

  12. NightversionnApril 24, 2012 - 7:56 pm #12

    More evidence/ …
    More evidence/impacts of climate change series..
    (please read article before this denier oil troll with all the sock puppet accounts censors it)..
    Is Stephen Harper a Denier?
    This entire Kyoto debate is frustrating in one sense, the former Liberal government’s utter failure continues to absolve the current Conservative government and their now SIX year abysmal reign on the environment
    Oye Times, California
    13 December 2011

  13. TAMPADOC64April 24, 2012 - 7:56 pm #13

    It is? What …
    It is? What evidence do you have? Please be specific! I’ve studied this topic for over 25 years and I’ve never seen any evidence, please provide the evidence so I can get on board!

  14. TAMPADOC64April 24, 2012 - 7:56 pm #14

    That’s right! …
    That’s right! Meteorologist don’t believe in AGW. So you how two different groups of scientist (and BTW, it’s harder to be a meteorologist then a climate scientist) one group gets paid to support AGW and they do, the other gets paid to report the facts, they don’t. Why do you think tha tis?

  15. TAMPADOC64April 24, 2012 - 7:56 pm #15

    Yes, they do! How …
    Yes, they do! How many scientist that announce they are doing research to disprove AGW do you think get grants? Do you know why NASA is all of a sudden in the AGW business? Because that is a huge part of their funding now. If they didn’t bow to teh AGW cult, they’d be out of business.
    It’s obvious you don’t know how research works. Most of the AGW Cult would be out of work instead of sitting on fat grants if they weren’t on-board.
    Do you know that 82% of meteorologist don’t believe in AGW?

  16. threadysparrowApril 24, 2012 - 7:56 pm #16

    no no no. …
    no no no. scientists do not get paid to put out false data. that is just stupid.

  17. TAMPADOC64April 24, 2012 - 7:56 pm #17

    The problem is that …
    The problem is that there is no evidence that we are. But for some reason there is a whole group of big corporations and world government that wants you to believe we are. They want you to believe it so badly that they pay thousands of scientist billions of dollars each year to produce as much falsified data and to crush any opposition that arises. In my humble opinion that is a huge red flag that I don’t want them to succeed!

  18. NightversionnApril 24, 2012 - 7:56 pm #18

    More climate change …
    More climate change news..
    (Please read before the denier with all the sock puppet accounts censors it)..
    Asia climate disasters displace 42 million: ADB
    Climate-related disasters have displaced more than 42 million people in Asia over the past two years, the Asian Development Bank said Tuesday in a report calling for swift action to avert future crises.
    Agence France-Presse
    14 March 2012

  19. NightversionnApril 24, 2012 - 7:56 pm #19

    That’s right, man- …
    That’s right, man-made climate change is very dangerous, but it’s already happening. We need to act just in case, we need to act, period.

  20. threadysparrowApril 24, 2012 - 7:56 pm #20

    my view is act as …
    my view is act as if we are destroying the climate just in case. if nothing happens, then nothing happens, but at least we are doing the sensible thing. think of it this way, if there was a 50/50 chance that we are causing it, what would be the reasonable thing to do? sit here and argue over it and do nothing? or come together and do something? If you had cancer and there was a 50/50 shot of you living if you did nothing, I guarantee you that you would do everything possible to beat it.

  21. RandomVersionApril 24, 2012 - 7:56 pm #21

    Global Cooling News …
    Global Cooling News

    April nor’easter dumps rain, snow on East Coast
    By BOB LENTZ | Associated Press 4/23/12
    Up to 12 inches of snow was expected in the higher elevations of central and western Pennsylvania, as well as New York state, south of Buffalo. A winter storm warning was issued for parts of northeastern Ohio, where 3 to 7 inches of snow was forecast.

  22. RandomVersionApril 24, 2012 - 7:56 pm #22

    Emperor Penguin …
    Emperor Penguin Count 600K in Antarctica, Satellite Images Reveal
    By Joanna Stern | Good Morning America — 4/13/12

    There are a lot more black and white birds wobbling around in Antarctica than some might have thought, new satellite data reveals.
    With the use of Very High Resolution (VHR) satellite images, scientists have been able to determine that there are close to 600,000 Emperor Penguins in the region – it was previously estimated that there were 270,000 – 350,000 birds.

  23. mercianproductionsApril 24, 2012 - 7:56 pm #23

    I can’t believe …
    I can’t believe Scientists buy this crap as it’s obvious that if CO2 drives climate, it’s impossible for the Earth NOT to get cooler when CO2 is increased. The data from the past ten years has shown no warming, therefore CO2 cannot be the cause. End of.

  24. NightversionnApril 24, 2012 - 7:56 pm #24

    Polar bear news..
    ( …

    Polar bear news..
    (Please read before the denier with all the sock puppet accounts censors it)..
    Polar bears ‘older than thought’
    Polar bears are five times older than previously thought and adapted slowly to Arctic conditions during the last Ice Age, research suggests.
    reported in the Press Association
    20 April 2012

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