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Earth 4 Energy Review – Can Earth for Energy Really Convert Your Home to Solar Power?

Posted by admin on April 15, 2013 in Renewable Energy with 5 Comments

You can convert your home into solar power. By using solar system to generate electricity does make your home stand out. Solar energy or Renewable Energy can help you to save your electricity cost by 60% annually. A single house with 2 solar systems is sufficient for daily power usage. But the problem is a solar power system cost more than $1000. In this article I will show you the way of how you can get a home-made solar system for less than $200.

Earth 4 Energy is a website which offers a web-based program teaches how to build a home-made renewable energy generator. A solar power is enough to produce electricity for 3 heaters. It is also depend on the size of the solar plate. Each house should need at least a 2 kilowatt solar power system. The exceeding of electricity which isn’t use can be sold to a local power utility company.

2 meters are required to record the solar power which being used and another to record how much electricity did the solar system generated. As a result the electricity cost is less than $10 per month which reduces the utility expense by 60%. So you won’t have to worry about how much you have to pay for the bill. A solar system not only helps to keep the environment green but save a lot of money for you. As mentioned earlier, a solar system is costly. Earth 4 Energy is a D.I.Y. home-made solar system the program show you how to build a solar power device for less than $200. In fact you can buy parts from your local store or on the internet.

The program offers an instruction manual and videos show you how to build the system in detail. The process is explained in basic steps. The program is designed for people who have no basic knowledge about renewable power system and does not based on technical content. An experienced person can use the program for new ideas and tweak their skills. Earth 4 Energy offers a cost-effective way to build home-made renewable energy system for every household.

Let me show you how to successfully create a solar system for less than $200

Jonathan Valentine

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  1. poppieya1996April 15, 2013 - 5:49 am #1


    1. Which is the term for multiple photovoltaic cells linked together to receive a higher energy input from the sun?
    A. Solar power station
    B. Passive solar system
    C. Fuel cell system
    D. Photovoltaic array

    2. Stone walls warmed by the sun were used by the French and English to
    A. warm their cattle barns.
    B. heat water for cooking and washing.
    C. collect solar energy for storage.
    D. extend the growing season.

    3. A measure of human impact on the planet that is based on the emission of carbon-based greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, is called a carbon footprint.

    4. How are tidal turbines like modified wind turbines?
    A. Tidal turbines are wind turbines over the water.
    B. Tidal turbines are turned by tides under the water.
    C. Tidal turbines are modified to produce electricity.
    D. Tidal turbines do not produce electricity.

    5. One focus of research for the development of biofuels is how to make the cellulose of plants easier to digest by
    A. manipulating their DNA.
    B. improving strains of bacteria.
    C. hybridizing two different plants.
    D. growing plants near PV cells.

    6. You have probably seen photos of windmills out in remote parts of the old west, and even modern windmills in ranchers’ pastures. Which is the best inference about how this wind-capturing technology is used?
    A. Windmills use wind to generate electricity for homes and businesses.
    B. Windmills drive manual pumps to bring water to tanks for livestock.
    C. Windmills create a breeze to cool the area near ranches.
    D. Windmills energized the pumps for oil wells in the old west.

    7. Which type of energy in waves and tides is converted to electrical energy?
    A. Chemical
    B. Gravitational
    C. Electromagnetic
    D. Mechanical

    8. There are three major considerations when restructuring our energy portfolio. Two of them are: • Assess the demand for energy. • Know what is available and appropriate in different areas. What is the third consideration?
    A. Review economic hardships brought about by reducing fossil fuel use.
    B. Research new technologies for extracting oil.
    C. Think about the impact each energy source has on the planet.
    D. Choose the energy option that is easiest to market to people.

    9. Which part of a fuel cell provides energy to a device?
    A. Anode
    B. Cathode
    C. Electrons
    D. Protons

    10. The type of nuclear reaction in the sun is called nuclear fission, which is the same type that produces nuclear power in reactors here on Earth.

    11. What is one limitation to harvesting solar energy from a solar array or solar power plant?
    A. The energy costs nothing.
    B. It is a nonrenewable source of energy.
    C. They require large amounts of land.
    D. They emit particulate pollution.

    12. How is hydrogen gas like gasoline and ethanol? In what very important way, with regard to global climate change, is hydrogen gas different from carbon-based fuels?

    Only 200 characters are allowed

    13. Which of the following could be a significant issue to be addressed during the development of nuclear fusion energy?
    A. Disposing of the radioactive waste produced
    B. Dealing with atmospheric byproducts
    C. Shielding nearby communities and wildlife from gamma radiation
    D. Reducing the area needed to install a nuclear fusion power plant

    14. Imagine a field of tidal turbines along a coastline where whales have been sighted frequently. Which is not a way in which a tidal farm could affect the whales?
    A. The blades could confuse them.
    B. The electrical field could alter their migration patterns.
    C. The motion might drive their food source away.
    D. The turbines could change the direction of ocean currents.

    15. Fuel cells have a limitation that is self-defeating as an alternative energy source. In addition to expense, which of the following is a limitation of hydrogen fuel cell technology?
    A. It is not available everywhere.
    B. It is not very efficient.
    C. It uses fossil fuels as a source of hydrogen.
    D. It emits a particulate pollution.

    16. Earth’s mantle exists under the surface everywhere on Earth, and geothermal energy is derived from the heat in the mantle. Explain why, despite these facts, geothermal energy is not available everywhere.
    A. Many populations do not have the resources to run geothermal plants.
    B. In some areas, the heat of the mantle is too deep to reach.
    C. Many people are opposed to the use of a risky way to get energy.
    D. Some areas do not have water resources to make steam.

    17. By increasing our use of renewable resources, we can decrease our use of fossil fuels and
    A. increase our carbon footprint.
    B. extend the time fossil fuels will be available.

  2. WadeApril 15, 2013 - 10:51 am #2

    All of the smart people on here, including myself, are going to tell you to do your own homework. Why would anyone in their right mind take the time to do this for you?
    References :

  3. Joanna LApril 15, 2013 - 10:53 am #3

    1 a
    sorry ran out of time tellyou later
    References :

  4. SonalyApril 15, 2013 - 10:55 am #4

    All your Answers are here


    Just Read and Solve
    References :

  5. Candy luverApril 15, 2013 - 10:57 am #5

    MARIANNE DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    References :
    I KNOW YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!


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