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The Importance of Renewable Energy Resources

Posted by admin on July 31, 2012 in Renewable Energy with 3 Comments

The modern lifestyle depends tremendously on the use and existence of fossil fuels. With levels of these fuels constantly decreasing, we should act now to become less dependant on fossil fuels and more dependent on renewable energy sources.

The decreasing levels of fossil fuels isn’t the only reason why we should begin to use renewable energy. Pollution is becoming a huge problem in many countries around the world, especially the developing world. With carbon emissions at an all time high, air quality can be very low in some areas, this can lead to respiratory diseases and cancer.

The main reason to switch to cleaner energy production methods is the global warming aspect. The more carbon dioxide we pump into the atmosphere, the greater the effect becomes. We can’t just stop using fossil fuels thinking that global warming will go away, but we can slow down and dilute the effects of Global Warming through the wide spread use of renewable energy resources.

There are many natural energy sources out there, but you have to decide which method is best for you, as all of these sources depend on your current environment.

The installation of a solar panel or a wind turbine to boost every homes power supply would be an amazing step forward. Some governments are in the process of supplying solar panels to hundreds of households to test this method of energy saving.

A technology set to be very important in the future is geothermal energy. With geothermal energy, you are able to extract heat from within the earth and transform it either into a hot water system, or if there is plenty of this energy, a geothermal power plant. Huge amounts of money have been flowed into research of this method, especially in recent years, in order to make the current technology more effective.

So there we have the reasons why we should turn to Renewable Energy resources which are more than likely to play a very vital and important role in our future society.


James Bratley

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  1. Paul TJuly 31, 2012 - 5:35 am #1

    what is the importance of of reducing our use of fossil fuels and using renewable energy resources?
    It’s a science assessment and any help would be really appreciated if anyone could help?!

  2. John WJuly 31, 2012 - 10:37 am #2

    Every hydrogen and carbon atom extracted from the fossil reserves is burned with oxygen from our atmosphere producing H2O and CO2, and we are not putting anything back into the ground therefore the use of fossil fuels results in an increase of H2O and CO2 and a reduction of O2 in our biosphere.

    Programs to sequester CO2 have begun but this sequesters the oxygen with the carbon and as was seen by the failure of Biosphere2 where exposed concrete unexpectedly absorped CO2 by chemical reactions, sequestering CO2 may not be a good idea. Ironically, this means that the most environmentally conservative act would be to not biodegrade hydrocarbon based products but to bury them where they can’t degrade like an anaerobic land fill, so the environmental efforts towards biodegradable objects is actually hurting the environment. Other carbon sequestration concepts that would benefit the environment includes biochar particularly if the biochar production is by the gasification of biomass to produce synthetic hydrocarbon fuels.
    References :

  3. JeffreyJuly 31, 2012 - 10:39 am #3

    Fossil fuel energy affects the environment and health due to the emissions and impact of mining practices. Reducing fossil fuel usage helps protect the limited supply of fossil fuels while decreasing the pollution produced. Fossil fuel conservation saves you money in many situations.
    Alternative, renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar power, eliminate the pollution that accompanies fossil fuel energy. Alternative energy also reduces the reliance on limited fossil fuels.
    References :

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